DUY KHANG EXIM CO. LTD is a manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We warmly welcome all customers to visit us at the following addresses:

Registered Office: 52 Dong Du Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Factory: 168 Highway 835D, Hamlet 1B, Long Hoa Commune, Can Duoc, Long An Province

In addition, our company has other warehouses and processing workshops in various provinces, including Kien Giang, Vung Tau, Ben Tre, Quang Ngai, Long An, etc.


 Lotus Seeds: We collaborate with thousands of farmers engaged in the cultivation and harvesting of Lotus seeds across vast areas in Southern Vietnam. At our state-of-the-art facility, we meticulously carry out various processes including Screening/Grading, Air Flowing, Manual Selecting, Polishing, and Shelling. Our finished products include Black Lotus Seeds, Red Lotus Seeds, Split Lotus Seeds, and White Lotus Seeds, catering to both export and local consumption. Last year, our production reached 3,000 metric tons across all grades.

Damar Batu: Our partnership extends to thousands of farmers residing near forested provinces, where we collect Raw Damar Batu. After transportation to our warehouse, we undergo a thorough selection and packing process. Given the labor-intensive nature, our production of Damar Batu is relatively slow, with the capacity to supply a maximum of 3-4 containers of mixed quality and 1-2 containers of selected quality per month. We offer various grades, including Premium, Grade 1, Grade 2, Crumbs, and Powder.

Betel Nuts: Since 2005, Duy Khang Exim Co. Ltd has been directly involved in the production and export of dried betel nuts. Our range includes Whole White Betel Nuts, Half-Cut Betel Nuts, Sliced Betel Nuts, Boiled Whole Young Betel Nuts, and more. With consistently high quality, our betel nuts meet the demands of discerning buyers. Our annual supply capacity ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 metric tons, representing 60% of the country s total production.

Other Products: Vietnam is renowned for its fresh, delicious tropical fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Leveraging our expertise, Duy Khang Exim Co., Ltd can source and export a diverse range of Vietnamese products based on customer demand. Over the last decade, we have successfully exported items such as Frozen/Dried Limes, Fresh/Dried Red Chili, Red Shallots, Turmeric Finger, Anchovy Fish/Sprats, and more. Our products are recognized in foreign markets under the trade name DK-Fresh.


Besides exporting, we also import some products for wholesale distribution in the Vietnamese market, such as Annatto seeds, Basil seeds, and Doussie Woods.


We always welcome long-term partners in over the world.

For more in formation, please feel free to contact us:

- Whatsapp No.: +84.906.911.567 (Mr. Khang)

- Email: khang@duykhangexim.com ; duykhangexim@yahoo.com



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Cau khô, nông sản xuất khẩu, BETEL NUT

Cau khô, nông sản xuất khẩu, BETEL NUT

Cau khô, nông sản xuất khẩu, BETEL NUT

Cau khô, nông sản xuất khẩu, BETEL NUT

Cau khô, nông sản xuất khẩu, BETEL NUT
Cau khô, nông sản xuất khẩu, BETEL NUT
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